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Terry in hospital  It's been almost five weeks since Terry suffered serious injuries when he parted company with his ladder while trimming a hedge.  He spent a painful time in hospital (see left) in a brace but never stopped smiling.


The latest news (see photo below) is that he is in good spirits and is making a good recovery back at home in Charlton Lane.  The original timetable was to be back to work in six weeks but that may be optimistic.  


Don't know what the hedges are thinking but the rest of us are wishing him well and hoping he will be back on his feet very, very soon.


Posted on 12 June, 2014
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Last August, we published an article about the works to repair the century-old Teston Lock, which were just about completed.  One of the intriguing things we learned at that time was that the Environment Agency had an ambitious and long-term plan to rejuvenate the fish life of the Medway by completing a series of fish ladders and eel passes, enabling sea trout, salmon and eels to migrate upstream to spawn. 



The fish ladder and eel pass at Teston was completed.  We can't show you a fish going UP, but here's an intrepid canoeist going down.  The eel pass, by the way, is a concrete channel lined with plastic fronds which is on the right of the fish ladder as you look upstream.  You can see the steel plates on top of it in the first picture.


So, after the floods (did you see this amazing aerial footage, taken from a helicopter on Xmas Day, 2013?) what's the latest on the lock and the plans...we went back to the ever-helpful Environment Agency to ask.


Question: was the lock or the new works damaged by the floods?


Answer: nothing major, just fences and footpaths.  Most of the repair work should be completed by Easter week.


Question: the banks of the Medway are lined with rubbish washed down during the floods, especially plastic bags and polythene sheeting.  Are there plans to clear this up?



Answer:  this is a huge job and we have no funding to do it.  We did try to organise a canoeing volunteers weekend with the River Medway paddlers (representatives from canoe clubs, schools, and other organisations) but there was only limited interest. 


Question: what's the latest on the fish ladders and eel passes?


Answer:  we still need to construct fish passes at East Farleigh and Anchor Sluice, however capital funding on these has dried up. We have a bid into DEFRA and are waiting to hear.


So, that's the news on Teston Lock.  It's still there, but so's the rubbish!


Stephen Norman

April 20, 2014

Posted on 22 April, 2014
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The Farleighs WI Choir              


                     On Saturday 1st February The Farleighs WI choir sang in the first round of           

                     a competition to find the WI Choir of the Century. The WI nationally will be

                    100 years old in 2015. The winning choir will sing in the Albert Hall at the AGM.


                    They were competing against 3 other choirs from West Kent. They sang three

                    songs, an Italian Folk song (in english) Mozarts Ave Verum (in latin) and a

                    new song Butterfly written by Alan and Catherine Simmons. It was originally                  

                    written for children, but suits an all female choir very well.


                    They had rehearsed hard, the choir mistress Lynn Seeley is a perfectionist,

                    but the hard work paid off. They were selected by a panel of professional

                    musicians to go forward to the next round. They will be representing West

                    Kent in the South East regional competition in Dorking in September.



Posted on 3 March, 2014
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Welcome to a big, time consuming wordsearch! There are well over a hundred words to find, so just work away at it as and when you find the time. Usual rules; words run left to right, up and down and diagonally.

Click here to find the link.



And a Happy Christmas to all of you...

Posted on 14 December, 2013

We've just posted two images taken by Clive Stevens with his panoramic lens. 

Click on the thumbnails under "Recent Images" to see them.

Look forward to some more!  

Posted on 7 October, 2013

As promised, a follow up to my article on the trees of West Farleigh is a work in progress. I had the honour to host the judge for the annual competition and feel we have done well. The results won't be known until October or even later, but I'll give you an idea of what we have to offer.


Chris Stockwell

Posted on 12 August, 2013
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All Saints Church West Farleigh


If you didn't get a chance to see this wonderful display

you will find some photos of the flowers and wedding dresses

on our Recent Images page

Posted on 4 July, 2013


Peter Callway was instituted and inducted as the new Rector of our Benefice on Friday 7th June, and his wife Alison was licenced as a reader in the Benefice at the same time.  About 200 people came along to this service and there was a fine reception afterwards.


I have posted some photographs of the service in "Recent Images" (many thanks to Kath Cooper) on this website.


Stephen Norman

July 1, 2013


PS.  Institution means "the admission by the Bishop..into the spiritual oversight and care of a Parish.." while Induction means "the admission by the Archdeacon...into the possession of the church building, churchyard and parsonage."  The Bishop in this case is Bishop James of Rochester and the Archdeacon is the Venerable Clive Mansell, Archdeacon of Tonbridge.


It could be a question in Tim Hill's Harvest Supper Quiz! 

Posted on 1 July, 2013


TheParish Council has had notification of more road closures.

This time they area filling potholes and resurfacing Lower Road and Smiths Hill.

This will again cause major disruption. Buses will not be able get through to West Farleigh

during both events. 

More information can be found for Lowere Road disruption by clicking here.


Information for Smithsa Hill click here.

Posted on 12 May, 2013




KCC has given notice that Lower Road West Farleigh will be closed

to through traffic,

from 24th April for up to 14 days.


The road will be close from Teston Lane to Hunt Street.


The alternative route is via Dean Street, Heath Road, Hilltop,

and Shingle Barn Lane.


The closure is necessary to carry out urgent footway works.

Posted on 13 April, 2013
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