Yummy port and prunes!


Port and prunes go together in a most groriously sumptuous way, the sweetness of the fruit and the tang of the drink just hug each other.


For this pud you need about four or five prunes per serving, chopped and mascerated in enough port to just cover them. Sweet sherry or Marsala work equally well, too.


Leave to mush for at least a day or more.

Base layer


for this, take half a brioche loaf, peel off the crust to keep it white, and whizz to a crumb.

Mix the brioche with half a tub of Mascarpone, 150ml of cream and two tablespoons of sugar. You may need to add a bit more cream if the mix is too stiff.


This mixture is truly scrummy! The brioche adds a lightly textured, eggy bulk to the smoothness of the cream and cheese. It is a brilliant contrast to the ultra smooth custard toppings.

Pipe the mix into a suitable container - glasses in this case so you can see the layers.


Packing the base neatly will help create a crisp layer of fruit and stop the juice running down the side and looking too messy.

The topping!


Mix a batch of about 500ml custard and split into two jugs.


To one, add 125ml double cream, vanilla seeds and whizz until it begins to thicken. To the other half, add about 100ml cream and whatever chocolate you have to hand. Drinking chocolate, cocoa powder or Lindt squares are suggestions. Whatever floats you boat...

While the sauces are still runny, pour them at the same time into the glasses as shown. Its not difficult to balance the flow evenly.



The popcorn topping is optional, but a sprinkle of flaked or crushed nuts would add another layer of texture.


Chill and enjoy!