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You may have noticed that the Tickled Trout closed its doors, about a month ago.  The Trout was owned by Enterprise Inns, and publicans in recent years have struggled to make a go of it, weighed down by the rent and the rates.  Here is the TT yesterday:

The Tickled Trout and skips

Well, that is about to change!  We hear that the Tickled Trout has been bought from Enterprise by the Hush Heath Estate.  The new owners say that the aim to create a great fish restaurant, perhaps even better than the first Tickled Trout of 20 years ago (because of course it was for centuries before that the Chequers - see old postcard in the photo archives of this website).  The new restaurant will have a close relationship with the Hush Heath Winery, showcasing its still and sparkling wines.

Work on the building will start soon.  In addition to the restaurant, the intention is to have six boutique hotel bedrooms upstairs.  The new owners already own the Goudhurst Inn, and will be building on their experience there (the Goudhurst Inn is a pub/hotel with 4 rooms, does a good Sunday roast and has its own pizza oven).

It will be good to see the lights go back on, in late Sept or early October!

Posted on 9 July, 2015
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Pippa Wakefield the retired headmistress of West Farleigh School, is very well and still living in the bungalow next to the Old School.


Pippa was born in Manchester and went to High School there. Her father was a bookbinder.

On leaving school she had the option of going to Hull or Bangor to do her teacher training.

As she did not fancy Hull, she spent the next 2 years in Bangor, North Wales. Manchester had given her a grant to go to college on the understanding that they would guarantee her a job in Manchester on completion of her course. However there were no vacancies so she found a teaching post in Wingham, East Kent. She was subsequently offered a job in Manchester, but turned it down, feeling that she had moved on in her life and did not want to go backwards. After several years she moved to West Malling to be head of the boys school there. After 8 years she moved to West Farleigh as Headmistress.

There were  approx 68 pupils in the school divided into two classes infants and juniors,Pippa taught the juniors. On leaving the school, if they did not pass the 11 plus, they went on to Westbourough School (Now Astor of Hever).

She met Sylvia, her longterm companion and friend, when as a land girl, she was required to change digs and Pippa and Sylvia found themselves sharing digs in Leybourne.


Pippa (Christened Alice) has been called Pip since she was a child, she does not remember why! She has only been called Pippa recently.


Pip is in good health for her age, still has a sharp sense of humour ans still plays the piano regularly. When on a recent visit I asked if I could take her photo sitting at the piano, she said that if she was to sit at the piano she might as well play something. Instead of taking a still photo, I hit the record button, with the results you can view above!



Posted on 24 May, 2015
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Posted on 8 May, 2015
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On Easter Sunday two parishioners were walking their dog along the footpath from Gallants Lane to the top of Kettle Lane, through Castle farm. They came across a youngish man on the footpath with what is thought to be an air rifle with a telescopic sight. They were rather alarmed by this as they felt to be shooting so close to a public footpath was not only dangerous but probably not permissable. The young man stated he had permission.


It has subsequently been established that the owner of Castle Farm has only given permission to one of his workers to shoot and then only at night. He has not and will not give anyone permission to shoot on the farm during the day, due to the close proximity of the footpaths.


He is very concerned that this has happened on his land. He will be putting notices up saying that shooting is not allowed.

Should you come across anyone shooting or just armed with a rifle or shotgun, the land owner has asked that you ring 999 and report the problem straight away.

Posted on 9 April, 2015
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East Farleigh History Society is in abayance at the moment as they are unable to get an organising committee. 


This was an interesting and worth while society which arranged meetings, which many people enjoyed. 


Is there any one who would like to help ressurrect this society? I am sure there would be help from some of the old committee and other local history societies.


If you are interested Email Helen on helen.swan2@btinternet.com

Posted on 22 March, 2015
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Good news for Charlton Lane, buses and footballers!




The new carpark on the north side of Charlton Lane is now under construction (yes, it's him!) and will be finished in time for next Saturday!  




This will have enough parking for 35 or so cars and will take the pressure off the road, especially on Saturdays when the young footballers are playing, and when the Sports Club are playing at home.



 The work is expected to be finished by next weekend.


The existing footpath will run between the trees on the upper boundary and the carpark.


The earth from the site is being used to improve the access to Elmscroft Park opposite, which will be helpful when that field is in use e.g. for fairs and fireworks.




Posted on 15 March, 2015
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We have received the following messages in the last two days from Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch - please pass on


There have been reports of suspicious individuals paying particular attention to oil tanks. One Kent resident had people pay attention to their oil tank and when challenged claimed they were from a telecommunications company


Please ensure that your oil tanks are secure. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by calling 101 or 999 (when you need immediate help/crime in progress).


Also received - a reminder never to respond to emails asking you to verify your account details. If you've received a scam telephone call, letter or email recently, the information you give may stop someone from being targeted by a scam.Don't delay, report it today - kent.gov.uk/tradingstandards






Posted on 8 March, 2015
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The Farleighs WI and friends enjoyed a lively evening dozy-doeing, sashaying and swinging their partners as they danced to the wonderful Hatted Hens. It was so enjoyable they they hope to hold another one - so watch this space!



Posted on 7 March, 2015
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                 DO YOU FIND IT SLOW?                 DO YOU LOSE CONNECTION?


                                                         COMPLAIN NOW!


Many people in the village are experiencing increasing slow Broadband which shuts down completely several times a day.


A villager contacted our MP Helen Grant, to ask for her help in getting some of the promised government money spent on improving our service. She was quick and thorough but was only able to come up with the promise that something will be done by the end of this year, but it will not improve the service much as we are a long way from Wateringbury exchange and they will not be putting a fibre optic connection all the way to our village.


Following this the villager had a call from BT saying that they were surprised that he had complained about the service and that they have no other complaints. We know that this is not strictly true as we know of others who have complained. 


A letter to Helen Grant from Paul Carter (KCC) was forwarded, which pointed out we are in the last 5% to be upgraded and even then we will not get a really fast service.


BUT:-  If you are frustrated by the speed and regular loss of connection, the Parish Council urge you to PLEASE COMPLAIN NOW. It would be especially helpful if those of you with businesses, or work from home would complain as this would seem to carry more weight.


BT Complaints No 0800 111 4567


I have been unable to find an Email address!


Would you also be kind enough to Email Helen Grant helen.grant.mp@parliament.uk


They  will then know the scale of the problem.

Posted on 9 February, 2015
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                                                Dog Walkers and Ramblers





We live a beautiful part of Kent, with many footpaths and Bridleways which are no longer necessary for people going about their daily business but are now a facility for leisure and pleasure.

Many of our paths go across cultivated fields, orchards and grazing. These farms are businesses and not country parks and we should act responsibly when using these rights of way. We should stick to the marked pathways and not wander off into the orchards or fields. If the path is not clearly marked, the footpath officer should be told and they will inspect and put in new signage if appropriate. It is often OK to let dogs of the lead, but when work is being done on the land, ploughing, spraying, harvesting etc dogs should be on a lead as to not interfere with the work.

When there is stock grazing, particularly sheep, dogs must be on a lead. Any upset to sheep can cause abortions. Sheep are very silly sensitive animals! This is why farmers have the right to shoot any dog worrying sheep.

Do pick up your dogs poo. A hay bale with dog poo in it is not pleasant.
We would not like other peoples dogs pooing in our veggie patch!

A trackway on farm land is not necessarily a right of way. Check on an OS map before using them as a footpath. However landowners are often happy for them to be used, provided you ask permission.
A blocked, overgrown or unmarked footpath should be reported to the KCC footpath officer. Also any dangerous, broken or inappropriate stiles or gates should also be reported.
KCC are not able to fund the replacement of all stiles with kissing gates, however the parish council with financial help from you, the dog walkers and ramblers, may be able to replace some stiles with suitable gates.
Contact the parish council on westfarleighpc@googlemail.com, if you feel able to help with the cost of replacing the stiles.

KCC footpath officers prow@kent.gov.uk Telephone 0845 345 0210


Carry on walking and enjoying our beautiful countryside.

Posted on 2 February, 2015
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