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Neighbourhood Watch has had a complete makeover.  The excellent new website is easy to navigate and it has lots of useful information and sensible advice. To see it, click on this link or go to www.maidstonehw.co.uk


Your village representatives are: 


Julie King (Lower Rd)                       01622 816977 or juliekingme15@btinternet.com

Chris Stockwell (Lower Charlton)     01622 812995 or hollyvillas@hotmail.co.uk

Jacky Taylor  (The Green)                01622 236421 or jackytaylor50@gmail.com


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All residents are warned to be aware of rogue traders known to be operating across the County. So far this week alone, KCC Trading Standards have received details of incidents in Cranbrook, Gravesend, Maidstone and Swanley, involving payments or demands for over £11,000. These incidents have all resulted from cold calling – residents are warned to be extremely vigilant and careful about anyone cold calling at their home, offering to do any work or telling them it is required. Can you or your family afford to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds to rogue traders?


See the poster below for more information



Posted on 30 May, 2015
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With work soon to commence on water pipes in Heath Road and the surrounding areas, please advise family, friends and neighbours to be careful.

There have been a number of burglary artifice offences in Kent. All of the offences have two suspects claiming to be from the water board. They mention the need to locate the stop-cock. 

Distraction burglary/artifice is where the offenders trick or dupe the occupant or distract them, allowing the other person they are working with to gain access to the property and commit burglary. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to distraction burglary.

Please be vigilant. Be cautious, representatives from water, gas and electric companies rarely visit without appointments. If you are unsure do not answer the door. If in doubt, keep them out. 

Posted on 12 May, 2015
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An email is in circulation regarding 'Tesco Bank Changes to Interest rate', stating you can view the latest interest rate news and changes from Tesco Bank by opening an attached file.

However, the email is not from Tesco Bank. It is a phishing scam designed to steal you account login details.

Opening the attachment in the scam email loads a fraudulent webpage in your default browser.

The webpage, which includes the Tesco Bank logo, advises you to click a login link to visit your online banking service to view recent changes to your account. The link leads to a bogus website that has been built to closely mirror the genuine Tesco website. Once on the fake website, you will be asked to provide your username, security number, and password.

As with Tesco Bank's real login procedure, the page claims that a text message with your access code has been sent to your designated mobile phone. However, since the scammers do not have your mobile phone number, no text message will arrive. Thus, you may be tempted to click the link labelled 'Didn't get our text message'. Clicking this link opens another fake Tesco page that asks you to provide account details, name and contact information as well as your security questions and answers.

Next, you will be automatically redirected to the genuine Tesco Bank website. Meanwhile, the scammers can collect all of the information you submitted on the fake site and use it to hijack your bank account and steal your identity.

Be wary of any email that claims to be from your bank and asks you to login by clicking a link or opening an attached file. This is a very common phishing tactic.

It is always safest to login to your online accounts by entering the address into your browser's address bar or via an official app.



Posted on 23 April, 2015
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We have received the following messages in the last two days from Kent Police Neighbourhood Watch - please pass on


There have been reports of suspicious individuals paying particular attention to oil tanks. One Kent resident had people pay attention to their oil tank and when challenged claimed they were from a telecommunications company


Please ensure that your oil tanks are secure. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by calling 101 or 999 (when you need immediate help/crime in progress).


Also received - a reminder never to respond to emails asking you to verify your account details. If you've received a scam telephone call, letter or email recently, the information you give may stop someone from being targeted by a scam.Don't delay, report it today - kent.gov.uk/tradingstandards

Posted on 8 March, 2015
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Last Friday, Brian Huxley, with the help of Landlord Steve, erected a bench on the grass by the Good Intent car park in memory of his beloved wife Bobbie. Early on Sunday morning, Steve and Pauline awoke to a lot of noise and noticed vandals trying to take the bench, as Steve got up to tackle the vandals they were disturbed by a neighbour and fled at high speed in a Transit .  Sadly the family have decided to remove the bench. Did you hear or see them? If so please contact one of the neighbourhood watch representatives listed.

Posted on 26 February, 2015
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We have received the following notification regarding the 24 hour strike by Kent Fire and Rescue:


Please pass on to friends and family - take extra care during the 24 hour fire strike from 7am 25 Feb to 7am 26 Feb.


Kent Fire and Rescue Service will continue to answer and deal with 999 calls and will have crews at locations across the county to provide the best cover possible. However they will not be operating their normal level of service so it is important everyone takes extra care during this strike. If we can all take a few extra minutes to do a few safety checks we really can help reduce unnecessary calls and prevent fires in our homes and businesses.  More information on our website including:

  • Most home fires start in the kitchen - for example, when someone is distracted or falls asleep, leaving a pan on the hob.
  • Before you leave the house and before you go to bed check around your home that everything is turned off
  • Many KFRS calls are to rescue people from road crashes please take extra care on the road – speed really can kill
  • If you run a business please review your risk plans and make extra checks during the strike

More safety advice at www.kent.fire-uk.org or follow the Twitter hashtag #takeextracare

Posted on 18 February, 2015
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I am hoping to meet up with PCSO Matthew Judges in the near future to discuss issues facing West Farleigh, which currently are:


- speeding along Lower Road and down Charlton Lane

- lorries on country lanes

- occassional fly-tipping

- public footpaths and dog walkers.


Please do contact me if you have any issues you would like me to raise on your behalf.


Jacky Taylor

E: jackytaylor50@gmail.com H: 01622 236421 M:07788 433835

Posted on 6 February, 2015
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22 January 2015
Bad weather got you thinking about your roof?
Watch out for rogue traders claiming work needs doing to your home even when it doesn't.

What are rogue traders?
  • Rogue traders are callers to your home who arrive unannounced, uninvited and offering to do work
  • They are opportunists hoping you will believe them when they say work needs doing to your home
  • They might say your roof tiles need replacing, your chimney stack is dangerous or your home in general needs some work
We know rogue traders have no intention of doing work properly, if at all.
Worried a friend or relative may fall victim to a rogue trader?
  • Give them a call and find out if they are worried about their home.  
  • Suggest they contact a Kent County Council Trading Standards approved trader to come out and look at the fault they have identified.      
  • Download and give them the Say No to Rogue Trader leaflet. 
  • Advise them if they're not sure about the caller, don't let them in.  
We know accepting work from a rogue trader never saves you time or money.
So which trader can your trust?
KCC Trading Standards only recommends one trader scheme in Kent which is run in partnership with Checkatrade.
Fake police officers in Sevenoaks 
This month two men posing as plain clothes police officers tricked a resident into handing over £2000. The men claimed they were investigating fake banknotes that were circulating in the area. 

We recommend you;
Use a door chain when answering the door
Don't hand over sums of money on demand
Check the caller's identification card 
Any doubts, call Kent Police on 101 
For advice and to report issues to KCC Trading Standards contact
Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 04 05 06 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. 

Tell us if you said no to a rogue trader recently.  It takes just a few minutes to fill in our online reporting form and the information you give us may stop someone from being targeted by a rogue trader.
Don't delay, report it to us today -  kent.gov.uk/tradingstandards
Copyright © 2014 KCC Trading Standards, All rights reserved.
Posted on 26 January, 2015
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The police are warning busy shoppers to be vigilant whils using cash machines. Click here to see the poster.

Posted on 5 January, 2015
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Fraudsters have a new technique to gain the trust of their victims.  Here's an example:


The suspect rang an elderly lady stating he was from the Met police and her barclaycard had been used in the Apple Store in Regent St.  To gain the victims trust he said to hang up and call Barclays to cancel her card.  He would call her back in 30mins or so. The lady replaced the handset but the suspect didn't and kept line open. When she called Barclays to cancel the card, the fraudster pretended to be a member of Barclays Bank staff!  Subsequently the suspect rang and asked if she could help police with their enquiries by going to Barclays and withdrawing large sums of cash so they could be forensically tested and passed to police. 


If you receive a call of this nature and did want to call your bank then please do it from another phone. And if you are approached with a request by a policeman, ask to see a warrant card and take the time to inspect it.  You should ask the officer to take it out of its plastic wallet.

Posted on 31 December, 2014
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